Why Silence is So Good For Your Brain

How easy is it to forget in this noisy, hectic 21st century world that we actually need peace and quiet and that our brains benefit enormously from it? I know none of us really need convincing of this, but check out this post in the Daily Good on ‘Why Silence is So Good For Your Brain‘ by Carolyn Gregoire, Senior Writer for The Huffington Post. I’m heading into a darkened, silent room for some brain-enriching silence…

Top 10 spotted social media, content marketing & SEO blog posts – 8th February

We keep our eye out for useful blog posts about social media, content marketing & SEO again and wanted to share this batch with you. They help us keep our finger on the pulse of what the experts are doing. Check them out and see what useful hints you can pick up.

  1. 6 Quick & Easy Ways to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Tasks – Boom Social
  2. What Types of Content Should You Create? [Infographic] – SocialMediaToday
  3. Preparing for the Brave New World of Twitter – Social Media Explorer
  4. Can SEOs Stop Worrying About Keywords and Just Focus on Topics? – Whiteboard Friday – Moz
  5. How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram – HubSpot
  6. Why a Comprehensive Content Strategy Includes Podcasting – CopyBlogger
  7. Direct reach: The emerging new model in social media – Socialmedia.biz
  8. 6 Types of Iteration Every Content Strategy Needs – Convince & Convert
  9. 2016 Digital Marketing Trends – SEO.com
  10. Death of Twitter is trending on Twitter as users freak out over algorithm – Mashable

Your ideal vantage…

We are not all on the same path and reaching our ideal vantage may mean standing in a very different place for each of us. We like to help you define your own special route to that place, according to your particular strengths, passions and experiences.

It may take you here…

or here…

or maybe even here…

Wherever it takes you, at Ideal Vantage we want to go there with you and experience your life and your business from your perspective, so that we can help you share that vision with the world.


Top 5 blog posts May 5th – 9th

Each week on the Internet there are vast numbers of pages written about marketing strategy generally and social media marketing in particular. To give you an ideal vantage over this wealth of information written by experts in the field, we are going to draw your attention to our favourite articles from the previous week. Here is our pick of the best from May 5th to 9th:

1. Where to start with marketing automation – Social Media Explorer

2. 10 Tactics to Improve Blog ReadershipThe Moz Blog

3. How to think of good ideasHubSpot

4. Co-creation: 7 steps to the next evolution of content marketingSocialmedia.biz

5. How to get approval for marketing strategy shiftsConvince & Convert

Our new website

Ideal Vantage has a new website, which has been created in WordPress, a redesigned logo and more material so you can find out more about what we aim to do for our clients.

WordPress is a great platform and we have just started to explore what it can do. The websites we create are simple and strong in terms of design and function and we can achieve this result using WordPress with the advantage of easier updating to content.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of having a simple WordPress website, like this one and another one we have built – philbestmusic.com – then feel free to contact us.